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First game of the season

Roller Derby RefereeRoller Derby Referee

Roller Derby season just started again in Santa Barbara, CA. While the league and myself have been busy training, yesterday (Saturday, February 26th) was the first game of the season! The Mission City Brawlin Betties faced off against the Santa Cruz Derby Girls in an epic showdown. Last year, MCBB went undefeated all season except against one team – they lost to Santa Cruz.

A quick summary of the game:

It was really fucking cold. A storm front has been blowing down through California and dumping snow places where it shouldn’t be. The torrential rain Santa Barbara had been suffering through stopped literally in the early morning hours before the game and while the sun came out, the heat didn’t come with it. At one point, a stray raincloud came by and almost canceled the game just seconds into the first half when it started drizzling. Luckily, that passed and we dried off the track and were able to continue. Thanks, Derby Pope!

Did I mention it was really cold? We could see snow on the hills above Santa Barbara.

Despite it being cold, everything went really well and we saw a lot of awesome derby. Also, what was (to me) the most awesome part ever is: I refereed for the first time! No longer relegated to the (albeit very important) job of NSO, I was in full stripes and skating as an Outside Pack Ref. Unfortunately for me (probably awesome for the fans) the girls kept the pack moving VERY fast. Skating on the outside already means I have to be moving a lot faster than them to keep up; when they start skating fast it means I almost can’t keep up.

Oh well, it was a lot of fun. Did I mention cold?

In the end, the final score showed MCBB 202 : SCDG 40. Oh, and Matt Damon showed up. Yeah. But I can’t really say much, because while was asking for autographs from the players I was taking my gear off and no one mentioned he was there until later. Bah humbug, I say. Although from what I was told I was probably skating within about five feet of him each lap.

Until next time!

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