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Resolution Update: February

Well, the month is done. I ended the month a poor note, being horrendously sick for the last 10 days. Let’s see how I’ve been doing on my resolutions, other than that.

First, off, I’ve failed one resolution. Apparently, I made a resolution to write music on a regular basis (how silly). Well, somehow that never made it onto my record keeping sheet, so I haven’t even been thinking about it. That puts me at 0 / 8, effectively killing that.

How about the rest of them?

“I will skate at least twice a week. I will strive for four.”
Current: 17. Avg/Wk: 2.125

“I will exercise at least four times a week.”
Current: 31. Avg/Wk: 3.875

“I will write music at least once a week.”
Current: 0. Avg/Wk: 0.00

“I will practice music (instrumental or vocals) at least three times a week.”
Current: 17. Avg/Wk: 2.125

“I will spend time programming at least once a week.”
Current: 9. Avg/Wk: 1.125

Honestly? I feel like I’m doing pretty good. I definitely need to practice music more, but everything else is either very close or above my goal. Sucks about the music writing, but I still have a goal to produce at least a few songs this year. I’ve been going over some ideas, but want to wait a while before I share them.

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