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If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

I like trying things. I love being somewhere new, under circumstances I never anticipated. If I’m trying something new, I’m having a good time. If I’m trying something I didn’t even know existed before, I’m having a great time. That being the way it is and I am, keeping this blog limited to one or several topics will mean a flurry of posts about once a year and not much else the rest of the year.

A good author knows his audience. He knows what his audience is interested in and doesn’t switch from an academic to a personal voice without good cause and reason or vice versa. He doesn’t write about subjects his audience doesn’t like, or care about or understand (unless it’s for introducing a topic). He also writes what he knows. I am not a good author.

This blog is a project of mine to communicate with others. Originally, I hoped to keep a narrow focus and write a steady stream of articles about one or two topics that people would enjoy and respond to. An entire month just passed without any of that happening. So, I am going to abandon this design but not the overall purpose.

I will write what I am doing. I will write what my escapades teach me and where my intense but short attention span takes me. If you read this blog, you will learn about music, sports, technology, the outdoors, travel and occasionally things actually in the news. You will hear my opinion in varying quantities and about varied subjects.

Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. If there’s anything I don’t like, it’s ignorance. So help cure this ignoble ignorance and share what you know.

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