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Across the Pond: Day 1, Cold and Confused

Usually, my work requires me to travel. Generally it’s some not so far away town in Southern California; sometimes it requires getting a hotel for the night; occasionally it’s in another state (Louisiana was fun). Most recently, it’s taken me a bit farther. As luck would have it, I’m writing this post in London!

I think England is fantastic. There is a ton to see, the people are great, the cameras everywhere are a little creepy, but the food is good and transportation, more or less, is easy. I’ve been here twice before, but never alone and never for work.

The flight over was long, but uneventful. I left early Saturday afternoon and arrived late Sunday morning, thanks both to the 9 hour flight and the 8 hour time change. I made the effort to sleep so I’d arrive refreshed, but only managed to pull off an hour or so. Also, I’m sure everyone already knows, but the airline food was terrible. There was literally no consistency change from the “chicken” they served or the “brownie” dessert. The taste was minimally different.

Arriving in London, they miraculously let me into the country despite my ‘Business’ answer to the ‘Reason for visiting’ question. From there I navigated from Heathrow to my hotel; the tube is wonderful and easy. Upon reaching the final tube stop before my hotel, I figured I’d save some money and walk to my hotel. At this point I should mention that I had flown in from California, where the temperature dropping below 50 degrees is a major concern. It was hovering somewhere below freezing in London.

I did manage to walk to my hotel. I also got hopelessly lost, turned a half mile walk into a four mile quest and arrived partially frozen.

At this point, my body thought it was around 4am. It was actually early afternoon. However, to fight off jet lag and sleep a normal night’s sleep, I decided to stay awake until at least 8pm or so. That didn’t actually happen. I think something happened sometime after I took a hot bath to warm up and maybe while I was “inspecting” the bed. Three hours or so later, I remembered I wasn’t going to sleep until the evening and I got back up, now slightly hungry.

Setting out from my hotel, I was smart and got a map from the concierge to guide me to the nearest shopping area (coincidentally also where the tube stop was located). Setting out from my hotel, I took a wrong turn and my short half mile walk again turned into a four mile quest, this time in the other direction. I’m normally not this bad with maps, I swear. Also, while I wouldn’t call it “snow” I do believe the fog started to freeze.

By the time I reached the safety of my hotel room to thaw, my first day in London had ended exhausted and with some delicious chicken tikka masala. I slept amazingly well, ready for work the next day.

I woke up at 4am.

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