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Keep on Rollin’ in the New Year

Screw having meaningful posts with significant updates. If I’m going to write in this thing, I can’t wait for my life to be interesting. That would take waaaay too long.

Except, some cool stuff has happened. My company had its yearly conference / drinking competition (as I think of it) this last week. We are at a very cool point where we’re small enough that I personally know almost everyone in the company and big enough and cool enough that we get partners like Symantec, Novell (Attachmate?), Citrix and IBM. Hell, I got to go to London and get paid. See what I mean? Pretty cool.

It was really great to see a lot of my coworkers. Since I rarely talk to most of them and only see them once a year, we all get along really well. Aside from solving all the world’s political, philosophical and historical (?) problems one night, during the day time we had a lot of good talks about IT strategies that I hope to see implemented in the near future.

The day after I got back (also known as “today”), some other very cool stuff happened. Roller derby!

Today was skill assessments for the Mission City Brawlin’ Betties! The assessment involved speed, controlled falls, stops, whips and hits. I’ll be honest, speed and hits were my favorite.

Even though I’m a referee, I went through the testing today along with all the nuggets. I daresay, I did slightly better than terrible. I’m optimistic about the results, so here’s hoping! Not passing wouldn’t have meant much (other than that I need to practice a lot more!) but passing may mean more time scrimmaging when I’m not reffing!

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