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Photography Hour

I came across this article recently and found it amazingly useful. It’s a collection of other articles, guides and albums demonstrating some 50 different “techniques” and styles used in photography.
  • High Speed Photography
  • Tilt-Shift Photography
  • Black and White Photography
  • Motion Blur Photography
  • Infrared Photography
  • Night Photography (lots of useful rules of thumb for shutter speeds in different lighting)
  • Smoke Art Photography
  • Macro Photography (very good guide on “making” your own macro out of two other lenses)
  • HDR
  • RAW Processing
  • Panoramic Photography
  • Special Issues:
    • Architectural Photography
    • Fixing photos from airplines
    • DIY Lighting Hacks
    • Lighting Simulator
    • Photo Filters
    • 10 Top Photography Composition Rules
This next section is just snippets and particular links I found useful.
Black and White Photography
When to use filters:
  • Red filters will darken the sky, creating a moody atmosphere.
  • Green colored filters are particularly useful for landscapes, as they create a contrast between different shades of green.
  • Blue filters are effective for haze or misty conditions
Macro Photography
Creating your own macro lens out of other lenses about about $20 in supplies:
Raw Processing
A long, long list of free Lightroom 4 presets
DIY Lighting Hacks
I really liked this one. Included is how to make a “Poor Mans Ring Flash” (using a milk jug), how to make your own light tent, a couple different examples of how to bounce flash using a TTL flash and my favorite: a budget full lighting system, using hardware store flood lights, light diffusers made from bedsheets, reflectors made from vehicle window shades and some homemade flash diffusers.

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